Saturday, January 5, 2008

great idea for the colored folks in town

I can't wait for this BCS bullshit to be over. Between the overwhelming Tiger pride seeping through even the pores of the masses in town to the constant Buckeye talk streaming from my boss's mouth...I am so over it.

Whilst riding around this afternoon, drinking away the day after a late night of antics we decided...we need a paintball gun.

Some neutral colors. Like green. Or blue. Or black (although that may be too much like tiger striped). Any person sporting the purple and gold combo or the red and silver/gray combo - BAM. Fucker. Let's throw some green in there.

It was so bad that at last night's Abita Pub Crawl we could not finish the crawl. We found the company of some Irish men in town for a convention/Willie Nelson concert (and ignorant to this LSU/OSU nonsense). I can't believe my pub crawl t-shirt was purple and gold. I think there will be a ritualistic burning of the t-shirt at the beginning of college football next year.

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