Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beat It

Last week State Rep. Michael Jackson qualified to run for the 6th District Congressional seat, dropping his democrat party affiliation.

Jackson is one of the senior partners in the law firm Jackson Bell over in the Baton Rouge. Jackson Bell represents Louisiana Citizens in many, many lawsuits filed by their insureds. They are largely absent in the process and take a slower time responding than other law firms representing Citizens. Jackon's wife Stephanie Jackson is the Claims Manager over at Louisiana Citizens.

Recently many of the cases that Jackson Bell was handling for Citizens have been moved to a firm in Lafayette (yeah, I know). I'd imagine that this is largely due to the Jackson firm's slow response time in typical lawyer bullshit. Citizens apparently doesn't employ any real policy in what firms they hire. In fact, they only have verbal agreements.

It's funny to read the disdain for Jackson in this The Advocate article. It's all to Jefferson-esque to me. But hey, you know, if Dollar Bill pulls a Lieberman, then Jackson might as well.

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jeffrey said...

That's not good at all for Cazayoux.