Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's time for Bible study, please take off your clothes.

Another real life lawsuit. Sometimes you just can't make these things up. Names not removed this time.

Kelli McGehee
State Farm General Insurance Company; Scott Catalanotto dba Scott Catalanotto Insurance Agency
6/30/2008 08-cv-03851
(New Orleans)

Lawsuit for unlawful employment practices and sexual harassment. Defendant Catalanotto sexually harassed the plaintiff until she resigned. Among other things, he conducted a "Bible study" every morning, which focused on sex and strip clubs, and during the study, he would sit so close to the plaintiff that they would be touching. Also, Catalanotto had a practice of taking showers in his office every morning at 8 am, so that he was naked in the shower when the plaintiff and her coworkers came to work. When Catalanotto ordered a bed for his office the plaintiff became worried.

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