Thursday, October 9, 2008

DA primary winner Leon Cannizzaro doesn't know anything about the law...

From an email THP received from the Capitelli campaign this morning:

Dear Capitelli Supporter,

On the week leading up to the first primary, and the days since we have received numerous requests for lawn signs, which indicates growing support for Ralph. Unfortunately on Monday night after 7:30pm, our existing signs began to disappear". Sixteen four foot by eight foot signs located on private property in Algiers were removed complete with supporting frames. One was even unscrewed from a service station wall.

We assume the the two candidates that did not move on to the second primary did not decide two days after to suddenly start removing our signs, leaving the signs of our opponent. This is disappointing, but expected, because that is how our opponent plays the "game" of politics, not an intellectual discussion of the issues, but old time machine politics operating under the dark of night. What is surprising is that our opponent who makes frequent mention of his years at Tulane and Broad, apparently is not aware of Section 67 of the Louisiana Criminal Code which is entitled THEFT. If he's serious about stopping crime in New Orleans, perhaps he should start with his
own supporters.

If we cannot respond to your sign request, please do not think that we are indifferent to your support which we value. We're confronted with a situation that our signs are coming down faster than we can put them up and hope you understand. Please continue your support of Ralph and talk about him to your friends.

Please feel free to share this information with your friends, neighbors, and other Ralph supporters.

So, as Capitelli supporters, ALTL & I are sorry if you are itching to have one of those beautiful navy blue signs in your front lawn, but can't because THEY'VE ALL BEEN STOLEN. But vote for Ralph!


jeffrey said...

Sounds like manufactured outrage to me.

Brad V said...

Yeah - as a former campaign field director, I hate people who steal and destroy signs. It enrages me, and it not only interferes with people's property rights, but also their rights to free speech.

But where exactly is the proof that it's Cannizzaro or his team or even his supporters?