Thursday, January 22, 2009

tonight's Politics with a Punch

This evening's panel looks pretty interesting:

  • Austin Badon, State Representative, Candidate for Mayor

  • Jonathan Bell, Movie Actor and Veteran Comedian

  • Aaron Broussard, Jefferson Parish President

  • Alden Hagardorn, President, St. Henry’s Parish Council

  • Misty Jackson, Renowned Comedian and TV Star

  • Blaine Kern, Mr. Mardi Gras, New Orleans Ambassador

  • Pierre Thomas, New Orleans Saints Star Running Back

On our star studded show, we’ll cover everything from the inauguration of President Obama to the latest trials and tribulations of Dollar Bill Jefferson to Holy Cao, we have a new Congressman to Sen. David Vitter supporting the religious right and challenging Hillary Clinton, while hoping the voters forget about the D.C. Madam!

See you there!

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