Saturday, March 22, 2008

it's a hard knock life

It's tough to be a Tulane student in this day and age: Weed Shortage on Campus

Some of my favorite exceprts:

One student explained that a certain religiously-affiliated fraternity is notorious for selling marijuana because of the fraternity's liberal, "hippie" tendencies.

"A lot of them really are committed to God and everything, but that doesn't mean they're angels. They know how to party too, like any other frat," she said.

How clever, they're not angels. I was counting on ALTR to identify this frat with her Greek roots, but without her the consensus is AEPi. I thought they were always more of a coke-oriented fraternity, but that could just be my misconception of the AEPhi sorority.
When asked about the situation, an upperclassman who smokes marijuana commented that the shortage isn't something to be too disconcerted about.

"All I can say is that it's good that pot isn't addictive," he said. "If it was, half the freshmen class would be going insane right now. Besides, maybe a shortage will help people out with midterms - could be a blessing in disguise."

Half of the first years are pot smokers? I'm not really sure whether that's a lot or a little. And, of course, leave it to a Tulane pot head to be optimistic about the weed shortage on campus and how it will effect midterm scores.

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