Thursday, March 6, 2008

She's here!

As previously reported Gloria Steinem will be speaking at Tulane University this evening.

It's funny, I remember seeing Phylis Schlafly speak a couple years back, sponsored by the College Republicans. Now my girls at Newcomb are bringing the big name in feminism to Tulane. I'm pretty stoked and managed to wrangle ALTR to accompany me.

It's slated for a 7 PM start time, but some facebook message I got says that doors open at 5 and the talk doesn't start until 8. But there will be a book signing and reception following. Newcomb always orders the best food.

On an aside, did you know that Steinem married Christian Bale's father in 2000? I think I've posted that before, but always an interesting bit of trivia.


dangerblond said...

Wow, did you see all the comments from people hating on Steinem? Apparently it's her fault that the average American family needs two incomes to stay afloat. People need to get their heads out of their asses.

Leigh C. said...

It's all 'cause she said that just 'cause a fellow's been in a POW camp for five years doesn't necessarily means he's presidential timber. Not too many people enjoy getting prodded to actually use their brains, get all the facts, and THEN vote.