Monday, June 30, 2008

General Taylor and Annunciation

I originally started this back in February...

On the corner of General Taylor and Annunciation lies the caution-tape-wrapped front of a house. And nothing else.

Is it really capable of being saved? Or is it being held up for nostalgia's sake? I understand the draw of old houses and the history of New Orleans, but if you're going to rebuild the entire house, why not simply recreate the front of house and keep all the doors and door knobs and all those little things that make these homes unique? Like I said, I sort of get it...but not given these outside appearances.

A month or so ago a sign was put up slating the demolition of the house front. One day a mattress appeared out front. Then the front of the house was knocked down.

Finally, within the last two weeks, the place was demolished:

It's amazing how freakin' slow the process is.

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Eolande said...

Keep up the good work.