Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a sweet tooth's dream

Guys, do you think there are any left?  Check this great craigslist post out -- Catering Co. sitting on 1,000 Ice Cream Sand. (New Orleans)

If in the event the ad gets removed here's the text:

I have approx. 500 creole cream cheese, 500 chocolate with chocolate chips and 500 vanilla ice cream with fresh vanilla beans sandwiches and 500 minature praline parfaits that were made at a specialty ice cream shop for a very large catered event. They are of excellent quality and can be purchased at 50 cents each. We paid $1.50 each. Not enough freezer space, they must go. Call 504 628 4688

I am so tempted to call. Someone do it please!!

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A Little to the Right said...

We could have the first annual Head Pelican Ice Cream Social!