Saturday, November 29, 2008


State Rep Michael Jackson is probably best known these days for running as an independent in the 6th Congressional District and throwing off the voter distribution. It has long been suspected that shenanigans have been afoot within that race. Recently, the Daily Kingfish reports on a meeting between Jackson and his opponent Bill Cassidy. Vedy, vedy interesting.

As if Jackson wasn't sleazy enough, I had written previously about his affiliation both professionally and personally with Louisiana Citizens. At the time, the Jackson Bell law firm had lost many of the cases in which they represented Citizens to a firm in Lafeyette. Within the last month or two, many more cases were recently ganked from the Jackson Bell firm and handed to a local firm here in New Orleans. Word on the street has it that Jackson's partner Murphy Bell pitched a fit and played the race card, resulting in the cases being returned to the Jackson Bell firm.

To this day the Jackson Bell firm continues to do mid-grade work on these cases and remain unresponsive to other interested parties. It's sort of a mystery what happens over there (they don't even have a website, gasp!). There is no reason that they should still be hanging on to so many of these cases when other firms are clearing them left and right. Well, except for billing purposes. Oh. Wait.

Courtesy of DownWithTyranny!


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