Saturday, July 7, 2007

Pull it, pull out

I am a huge advocate of condoms. When the Marine asked me if he could just pull out, I told him that pulling out was a form of birth control right up there with prayer. Until I met Bike Punk and drank way too much too fast...needless to say, a lapse of judgement and a three-hour fuck session ended with the use of only one condom and several loads shot everywhere but in me. Disappointed in myself, life goes on, fetus and disease free. But I always had to wonder, and Jezebel provides us with the answer...

wait, there's something wrong with using pulling out as a method of contraception? Other than, you know, the chance it gets in your eye? To be sure, "coitus interruptus" is not probably the zygote avoidance technique you use on a guy like Nieratko, or most anyone else with tattoos, but we remember getting really paranoid one day about our infertility and Wikipedia explaining to us that we maybe hadn't gotten pregnant yet because there isn't actually viable sperm in "pre-come."

Too bad BP has tattoos. Oops.

I'm a huge advocate of emergency contraception, but this statement sort of rubbed me the wrong way:

Pillhead, a girl, said she'd never ever used the method in her life but that the whole question "turned me on a little bit." (Um, yeah.) "Pulling out is for poor people," said a college student we know who furnished a demographic study to support her view. (Poor people like us!) Apparently in college, condoms are in heavy usage with "Plan B" the go-to plan B. "I love love love LOVE the feeling of having a dude come inside me," said a studious pill-taker who is, um, a little hormonal right now. To which we said, "Is it worth the feeling of a dude's cum inside you?" "Actually," she replied, "my friend has the WORST story about that. Her bf dumped her right after sex, 4 months into the relationship. She remembers walking down the street sobbing, walking away from his apt, and then feeling, you know. That PLOP."

And then she ended with that.

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