Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Among other useless knowledge to be learned from gubernatorial candidates' MySpace pages...

...John Georges speaks English, Spanish, and Greek. I know what you're thinking - Old Metairie snob? But keep in mind, our current governor basically speaks Greek without even trying; John Georges is at least smart enough to acknowledge the difference.

...Bobby Jindal enjoys a good hang with his Friends. I wonder who his favorite Friend is. Joey? No, he's too dumb. Rachel? No, too easy. Monica? No, she used to be fat. Phoebe? No, she's a hippie. Ross? No, too gay. Chandler?

Walter Boasso and Foster Campbell don't seem to have MySpace pages - or if they do, I am not able to find them. Given that I'm writing this post from home, it would seem that ALTR's MySpace-stalking skills work better between 8 and 5.

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