Sunday, December 9, 2007

Is it really Monday tomorrow?

* Congratulations to the South Plaquemines Hurricanes for winning the 1A state title! ALTL, ALTR and ALTR's BFF (who also teaches at South Plaquemines) were all in attendance at the game yesterday. See also Ashley Morris.

* This weekend I stumbled upon the perfect gift for women of many different ages at the Garden District Book Shop (located at The Rink at Prytania & Washington). Looking for a girly little gift to give your BFF? Or maybe that dirty-old-woman secretary in your office? Meet "Porn for Women":

See a preview of what's inside here. Full of pictures of hot guys doing all kinds of domestic duties i.e. cleaning out the litter box, I immediately knew I needed to get it for one of the secretaries in my office. The title combined with the ridiculousness of the content - not to mention, the fact that I'm pretty sure I've seen all of the men on those pages down on St. Ann Street - it's an absurdly easy gift for any woman on your shopping list with a twisted sense of humor. Moreover, I really knew I was in love with the book when I found out that Feministing isn't such a big fan of it.

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