Saturday, December 8, 2007

Metairie's Most Wanted

I always shrugged off suggestions from my few friends in Jefferson Parish that the parish just isn't as safe without Harry Lee. Until this week....

Earlier this week, I started to worry because I hadn't see my co-blogger ALTL in quite some time. On Wednesday night, I learned why she was MIA. After a long day at work, I settled down on my couch with a lovely South Beach dinner and turned on the tube. Immediately a local program called "Metairie's Most Wanted" came on, and the headline story is on - suddenly I see video footage of ALTL and another one of our friends drunkenly stumbling out of Lakeside Mall. Turns out the fools had too many fruity drinks after work at PF Chang's and went on a drunken spree through the mall only to be apprehended by the big bad mall security who forced them to take a cab home.

I immediately called up my co-blogger to see if she was alive or at least not in a Jefferson Parish jail somewhere. Much to my relief she answered.

"WTF? I just saw you on 'Metairie's Most Wanted'!"

Turns out, in an even more badass move than actually being forced to take a cab home by mall security, ALTL and friend had avoided having to refinance their lives in having to pay for a cross-parish cab ride by simply taking the cab to their office building (not too far from the mall), getting ALTL's car, and then driving back to the mall to get our friend's car.

"What a story!" I told her. "It's just so embarrassing for you to have to admit that you got loaded at PF Chang's."

Fortunately ALTL is back in Orleans Parish getting drunk at local, reasonably-priced bars and restaurants.

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oyster said...

Ah ha! That's hilarious. The indignity of a "PF Chang-hover".