Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Some random thoughts...

  • The Times-Pic has picked up on the omg-Golden-Compass-is-anti-Christian bandwagon, citing the same e-mail I received about a month or so back. Why do Christians get so up in arms about this stuff? It's a work of fiction. Is it because it isn't the same BS the community wants you to be spoon fed? Sheesh, relax.
  • Cuervo has done it again. They have now come out with Cuervo Reserva de al Familia. Plata. This has traditionally been a premium anejo. I guess this plata tequila is such a big deal because Cuervo actually makes it in Mexico instead of in Connecticut. I was drunk and really upset when I spied that bottle at the bar while enjoying my Milagro Silver.
  • This Tonka truck commercial irritates me every time I see it. "Boys are built different." Little girls can't be interested in trucks? Or making messes? So annoying and sexist.
  • I can't wait for this National Championship nonsense to be over. It's already out of hand and I want to bang my head against my computer monitor every time the talk gets going in my office.
  • Not a lot of people are talking about it 'round here (except Adrastros, but Dickie Scruggs got busted last week for bribery. As someone once told me, some people have more nerve than sense. Check out the Insurance Coverage Law Blog for a play-by-play in what's going on with that.
  • Politics With A Punch is Thursday night. The ALTR and I will be attending. Personally I'm hoping to jump Roop Raj after the show.
  • Lastly, In Matte has joined our esteemed panel of bloggers. Look for her well versed and insightful blogs to appear soon!


mominem said...

But Boys are built different. I'm sure you know the difference.

A Little to the Left said...

But I don't know what makes a penis and testosterone need trucks and bulldozers. Or that a vagina and estrogen indicates the opposite.