Sunday, April 27, 2008


I am FINALLY the owner of the following two t-shirts.

I kind of knew the broad story involving the grey, but not until recently did I fully understand the details of the Grey Ghost and apparently the d-bag this guy is as pointed out by several bloggers. Radtke is like that overzealous fan who thinks his team can do no wrong. How can the NOPD stand by this guy? The New Orleans Police Department, however, condones Radtke’s actions. NOPD often calls him directly to cover graffiti and spokesman Sgt. Joe Narcisse said they have no intention of charging Radtke with any crimes. However, after this recent Mojo incident New Orleans Police Department spokesman Sgt. Joe Narcisse did not respond to calls for comment.

As Craig at New Orleans MetBlogging put it: "I don’t get it. Far as I can tell, all these gray blocks do is create a new and clearer canvas to be tagged again. Good." (The comments alone in that one are worth reading even 7 months later.)

I have been noticing a new barrage of colors showing up, as displayed in the building at the corner of Washington and Annunciation:

At first I thought maybe they were going to paint that part of the building Mardi Gras colors, but then I saw the same thing popping up in other areas. Who do we chaulk this one up to?

On that note, this has always been a fav of mine, via Humid City:

RIP Crabcakes, what a good kitty.

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