Monday, April 7, 2008

This is the only outlet for my immaturity...

Today I was notified that my BFF since high school, Kelly*, is engaged. Her fiance, Zach, is BFF with my ex-boyfriend, Slater, one of just 2 serious boyfriends in my life, and my only truly long-term relationship. I haven't seen Slater since we finally cut all ties in 2004. And while I knew deep down a reunion at this wedding was inevitable (everyone knew this wedding would happen one day) - this is so real and I've got a whole year to be nervous about it. The wedding is set for June of 2009.

I should be so happy - the first of my really good friends getting married, my first bridesmaid's dress. But why do I just know that this is the first of a lot of examples of "always a bridesmaid..."

Not that I even feel like I'm even close to being ready to get married - it's just that when I hear about people my age (first year out of college) getting married I just feel that my own immaturity is being thrown in my face. It's even more severe that it's one of my really good friends getting hitched. And it truly hurts that it's a marriage for a couple I used to go on double dates with.

* Names have been given to characters in this saga, because I'm sure our readers will get to hear me whine about this over and over again.

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jeffrey said...

Eh buck up, ALTR. One year out of college is waaaayy too early. But you knew that already.