Saturday, April 19, 2008


Sometimes I wonder who these numb nuts are that work for the city government.

Dear Sir/Madam:

The City of New Orleans Parking Violations branch has received a check or money order from you. In order to apply this payment as you intended, we need more information from you.

If you still have the parking citation(s) or notice(s) that prompted you to make this payment, please return them with this letter. If these are not available, please provide as much as possible of the information requested below.

- State/Plate Number
- Ticket Number
- Amount Paid

Really? So I made a mistake in not keeping a copy of every parking ticket I paid, apparently. And seeing how I wrote two checks on the same day, I have no freaking clue what parking ticket this is for. They want to know the amount I paid? Didn't they say in the letter that they received a check or money order? I believe they should provide me with the amount paid. A month has passed since I disbursed payment on a $20 parking ticket and a $40 parking ticket. Besides, can't they read the ticket number on the memo of the check?!

I'm kind of torn, why the hell should I assist the city in giving me a fine when they aren't competent enough to keep ahold of the ticket I enclosed with my check?

I've got another parking violation sitting in my planner waiting to be contested, seeing as my friend gave me permission to block his driveway. Where the hell are the parking nazis on my street when my driveway gets blocked constantly without my permission? I've never seen such a thing, people usually just get towed.

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