Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday afternoon drive

My roommate and I used to often take Sunday afternoon drives. We're not born and bred here, but we love New Orleans and are always curious to see things for ourselves that we hear/read about. Sometimes they are Sunday afternoon strolls. So this morning after a filling breakfast at Betsy's, we found ourselves driving through some projects (well, what's left of them) previously unexplored by us.

The strangest part, to me, was seeing what were people's personal belongings simply piled with the bricks and other parts of the buildings as if they were nothing.

These are the sort of things my bad dreams are made of:

Of course, maybe I'm ignorant, but does all public housing come equipped with directTV?! Every operational complex had multiple satellites on the buildings.


A Little to the Right said...

Poor Barney!

Brad V said...

Betsy's is awesome - I stumbled across it the other weekend for the first time. So many great characters out for Sunday brunch.