Tuesday, November 6, 2007

anger, rawr!

With the joys of e-mail, there is bound to be at least one person who sends you ridiculous forwards. For me, it's a customer I once had while living in small town Texas who is the nicest little lady, although red neck and totally conservative. This morning I opened this e-mail:

This is scary...see the snopes link at the bottom for more detailed information.

This was sent to me and I found it interesting enough to pass on. Regardless of which choices I make, they are supposed to be educated ones. Since I knew nothing about it I thought maybe someone else may not either.

I just wanted to warn all Christian parents to avoid the upcoming movie "The Golden Compass" put out by New Line Cinema and Scholastic entertainment. It is due out in December. It looks like a fun movie! But this is the first movie based on the trilogy of books titled "His Dark materials."

The author of the books, Philip Pullman is a militant atheist whose professed purpose with these books is to turn kids away from Christianity. He has said this outright. The first movie has been cleaned up to avoid a lot of objections - it is apparently not going to be too bad BUT ...the movie is bait for the books which are horrible. The books get progressively worse with the heroes (children) in the 3rd book actually killing God, who is depicted as a little shrunken man. I am not kidding. This sounds too terrible to believe, but unfortunately it is not.

It stars Nicole Kidman.

See the website below for more info. & verification:

This sort of things irritate the hell out of me. A month or so back I got this ridiculous e-mail about HRC being the devil incarnate and I had to respond to all "Oh noes, a woman president will end the world!" I have already hit reply to all and am currently deciding whether or not I should go ahead and send my response:
Is it so scary that people are allowed freedom of speech?

The Chronicles of Narnia, a pro-Christian series of books has been around for nearly 60 years with underlying tones of sexism and racism. A movie of the first book was made in 2005 and the next is expected in 2008. Was that scary to the general public?

His Dark Materials was first published in the mid-90s and is being made into a movie that will be totally dumbed down, losing the bulk of Pullman's anti-Christian themes. Do kids even go from movies to books these days? Or is it because there is a character named Mrs. Coulter who is actually quite sinister and evil that has the religious right so incensed?

A part of me is like, don't bother, this is just an FYI e-mail going around so people will be educated on their movie choices. But it's more than that. With words like scary, horrible, etc., it's clearly biased, but what more do we expect from that crowd? These people are just so damn closed minded. Don't we have bigger fish to fry than worrying about a dumbed down movie?! How about all the soldiers being killed in Iraq? Oh, wait, you think they're dying for a good cause. How about your children going around having unprotected sex? Oh wait, you only believe in abstinence until marriage.



jeffrey said...

I want to be a militant atheist... but only if the atheist militia gets to drive around in "Harry Lee Tanks"

Leigh C. said...

"His Dark Materials" ? Those folks are probably more titillated by the title than by the actual story behind it. Conjures up all kinds of socially unacceptable images - or just art supplies at the darker end of the gray scale.