Friday, August 29, 2008

ALTL wants to know....

I am familiar with the routine for evacuating before a hurricane. You don't know when you'll return, so it's always a good idea to unplug electronics, move stuff away from windows, and de-dairy your fridge.

However, what is the proper procedure regarding *certain substances* with the possibility of a C. Ray-enforced evacuation looming?

Is one supposed to flush them down the toilet? (Just in case the looters get in, we need to keep them from going too crazy! Or to keep FEMA workers away from that sh*t.)

OR - is it better to take that stuff with you, along with your important documents and extra clothing? (But what if you get stopped and searched by law enforcement in some suck-ass town in western LA?)

Please let us know, ALTL is just dying to find out what she should do. Thanks!

Be safe out there!
<3 ALTR <3


Leigh C. said...

Flush 'em and go with the hard likker. Or disperse 'em to pals who are staying.

A Little to the Left said...

Take it all before you leave, duh.

oyster said...

One word: Brownies.