Thursday, August 21, 2008

I thought it smelled like nepotism in here...

While eating lunch at the cafeteria in the Federal Building today, I noticed a lot of "reporter guys" (as I described them to my friend) lurking around. So, naturally, I check the news when I get back to my desk, to find there has been some document production going on this morning in the grand jury hearings on the NOAH scandal. I even saw the eyebrow guy himself, Lee Zurik!

I'm a tad embarrassed to post this, as it shows that I have not been keeping up with my news - most definitely, a hectic work schedule is to blame. Maybe this will be more incentive to dine at the federal building more often - surely landing a reporter-man will be an incentive to keep up to date on my current events!

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jeffrey said...

Some of these "reporter-guys" will be in attendance at Rising Tide III... including the "eyebrow guy"