Sunday, August 31, 2008

on dry land

Departure: Friday, 9:30 PM
Arrival: Saturday, 3:30 AM
Total time: 6 hours
Current location: Houston
Flat tires seen en route: 22
Popped hoods: 2
Makeshift back windows: 2
Giant tire treads on road: 1
Pedestrians on the interstate: 4

The Ford Arena on the west side of Beaumont was full of charter buses in the parking lot. As we made it through Beaumont we saw a police car escorting something like 60 charter buses. Shortly after that was a police car escorting 20 or so vehicles with their hazards on. Followed again by a police car escorting 30 charter buses (we counted that time). It was quite an eerie feeling at 2something in the morning, seeing the ominous hulking shapes of the buses with their lights on, all in uniform despite being different.

Safety and well wishes to all of you.

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