Thursday, August 14, 2008

Politics with a Punch tonight!

Tonight's panel at the Cricket Club features:

  • Leon Cannizzaro, Former Judge, Candidate for Orleans D.A.
  • Suzaune Yee McKamey, Singer, Actress and Entertainer
  • Newell Normand, Jefferson Parish Sheriff
  • Cedric Richmond, State Representative and Candidate for Congress
  • Mark Singletary, Publisher of New Orleans City Business
  • Mike Smith, Comedian, Contributor to New Orleans Levee Newspaper
  • Dr. Michael White, Jazz Musician, Bandleader & Composer

Between out of town travels and other exciting events in our lives, this is the first Politics with a Punch that the Head Pelican girls have attended in a long time. The event starts 8 PM.

1 comment:

Brad V said...

How was it? Any interesting revelations or developments?

I made it to the one before with Kenya, the voice of Mr. Burns, etc. - which had a pretty good crowd, but didn't generate too many new tidbits of information.