Sunday, November 11, 2007

About a month back...

One beautiful Sunday afternoon I was huddled in bed watching Blades of Glory and nursing my hangover. I suddenly hear the familiar sounds of a brass band float up to my room. I've heard this before.

I head out to the balcony and low and behold...

Some social club who's name I failed to recall took over my street for about 20 minutes. The people sitting on my stoop, trashing all the yard's, peeing down driveways, and jumping in the bed of pickup trucks and jumping up and down didn't phase my glee at the scene.

Gotta love living in New Orleans.


A Little to the Right said... live in the hood.

Tess said...

t'was a hell of a second line, but if you didn't see the ladies you missed the best part!

(and the shooting, too. What is it about these things that makes people want to settle scores at 'em?)

Pics of the ladies here.