Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ms. Mae's, hooray!

With the news that Ms. Mae's is back up and running, I had to go see for myself what closure for almost two months had done to The Club. It's definitely a lot cleaner and has a new coat of paint. Things have been moved around, some things are gone. There are even new support polls to make sure the ceiling doesn't fall down! Can't say I miss the claw machine, but at least the cigarette machine will return soon.

Most disappointing, though, was the lack of Mardi Gras tiles in the women's bathroom. Despite assurances from the Wall of Shame that most of the tiles would return, the bathrooms were tile free. :(


I miss them!

It was almost as if nothing changed, the lady herself was there cleaning off tables. The typical crowd which always encompasses those from all walks of life. The intense pool games and the same bartenders.

Glad she's back up and running.

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