Wednesday, November 7, 2007

the fat lady has not sung.

No one has really been talking about it, but David Williams has filed suit in CDC calling for a new election in the Senate District 5 primary election. Many people told of irregularities at the polls (our very own ALTR was told she could not vote, her name wasn't on the list until she pointed it out to them), but the biggest issue in this situation is that the Republican candidate Andrew Gressett withdrew a month prior to the election. His name was still on the ballot (as the only Republican candidate, mind you) and there was no notice posted at any of the precincts to indicate that he was no longer in the race. Come to find out, he received 1500 votes.

WGNO was at the CDC Monday covering the judge's ruling - video here, you're going to have to scroll down to 11/05/07 - David Williams Sues.

I love that Arthur Morrell explains:

You know, people are gonna vote for someone who's dropped anyway, it's just the way people are, so. And there was nothing at all to indicate that people would have voted differently.

I really have a hard time choking this statement down. If people knew the candidate were no longer viable, they would still vote for him or her? I mean, forgetting the fact that the candidate's name was still on the ballot. Isn't Morrell embarrassed that his office can't do it's job properly? I mean, amongst the other defendants named.

Two more words: secret ballot. Seriously.

We called it back in September after Gressett filed, this would be a problem for Williams. But who knew that after Gressett withdrew the government would fail to be competent? Wait, I guess everyone knew that. We just didn't know it would cost Williams the election.

EDIT: Some Came Running had some thoughts on the suit prior to trial.

I also wanted to note that the appeal is in the 4th circuit, where Williams was once a judge.

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