Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A day in the life...

Last night my co-worker and I had a date with that attractive bottle to the right. The date went so well that we almost finished the entire bottle. Needless to say today was a little rough, but never dull in our office environment.

Today's early morning buzz was someone all up in arms about the racist trash debacle, already claiming that the mayor is going to be on the outs and discussing the line of succession if the mayor resigns. He was all excited as the prospect of Jackie Clarkson becoming the Acting Mayor, as she will be president of the Council soon. Unfortunately someone said to him "Well, if the mayor is indicted he won't resign, history has shown us that." I was sort of interested, so I dug up the City Charter and it appears that the City Council appoints one of the two council members-at-large, the prez isn't simply a shoe-in. Sorry buddy, Jackie's not in Ray Ray's office yet.

A series of posts on Wonkette had me near tears while not doing my work and pumping myself dull of fluids. This one was the highlight: Georgia man tries to use fake $1 million dollar bill, Fails. I mean, seriously? And then he got mad about it? The human race never ceases to amaze.

To top it all off, right as I was starting to feel normal again, I find out that Tales of the Toddy is sold out (of course my ass failed to buy tickets in advance despite knowing for a month). It doesn't help that the people that work for Tales of the Cocktail are impossible to get in touch with, despite plastering their phone number(s) everywhere.

So instead I am continuing my recent-war-related movie marathon by watching Blood Diamond. In the last week this list has included Lord of War and Lions for Lambs.

This is very verbose, I must still be a bit intoxicated. If only ALTR would blog from time to time. Maybe she's taking notes on the YouTube GOP debate.

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jeffrey said...

There are some solid (or perhaps liquid) reasons to love this blog.

Carry on.