Wednesday, February 13, 2008

dog eat dog

This Chinese spy thing is pretty wild. Brad V at Letters in Bottles was even there to document that bust on Bourdeaux. Then there is a bust on Sixth Street.

Watching ABC tonight, my roommate flips shit. Basically, her dog has play dates with the dog that lives at the house where the Chinese spy was busted on Sixth. That makes me like a D-list celebrity! The roommate has spent some time there and knew there was a Chinese lady there they (the dog owners) called Katie. And then Katie was pegged as a spy. It's a small, small world.

I love how WGNO interviews some of the neighbors.

Barbara says, "I just see her typing away on the computer .. sitting on the porch, speaking, that's it.. keep it going."

I wonder how many bloggers' neighbors might say something similar??

A block or so over from this excitement, there was a shooting at Washington and Chipewa. No sources as of yet, but I saw it on WGNO, it must be true!!

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Brad V said...

Crazy. Hopefully the dog wasn't wearing a wire.