Thursday, February 7, 2008

everyone jump on the band wagon

I'm never one to tell celebs to shut up when they are vocal about their politics. If I had that kind of power and face time, I would certainly do the same thing. But the Yes I Can video below just rubs me the wrong way for some reason.

Taken from Obama's Jan. 8 speech in New Hampshire the music and the celebs are just overkill for his speech. His speech which is, well, typical Obama. Fluffy and well-delivered. I saw Obama speak a couple years back in DC, when he was still riding the wave of fame from his DNC speech of glory. He has a fantastic speech writer and he has a key trait that our president has lacked the last 8 years - charisma. And that'll do volumes for you in politics. However....I'm just not convinced. And this just goes to add more fluff to the Obama campaign because really...can you hear the speech? You just see all these celebs in a video with Barack Obama and it's clearly not a negative thing. "OMG, I love the BEP, go Obama!" or "Scarlett Johanssen is so hot, I'm voting for Obama." Yeah, get votes where you can, but you should atleast try to make the message understandable.

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* Forgive my lack of clarity at times, I think I am still detoxing and my head isn't in the game

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