Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

This is my first Valentine's Day as a NOLA blogger, so I've decided to provide our readers with some interesting options for today's celebrations.

First up, a radio station in West Virgina is offering listeners a chance to win a free DIVORCE for Valentine's Day. This is the perfect gift for anyone who's sleeping with a married man or woman, or for the NOLA hardcore Catholic who just can't bring themself to divorce a poorly-chosen spouse. ALTR has signed Wendy Vitter up for the contest. [h/t CNN]

Secondly, ALTR has just learned this morning that Anderson Cooper will be getting his 360° on in New Orleans tonight. Anderson Cooper? More like Anderson SUPER! (Thanks for asking!) Anyway, he'll be here, so all you adoring girls-with-no-gaydar (like Renee Zellweger) and admiring young studs should flock to wherever he is. Personally, ALTR doesn't have a date tonight - so if anyone out there knows AC's whereabouts, please send them to us. I'd be down for attempting a photo op with the guy.

Finally, I've come across the perfect Valentine's Day e-cards for the Republican lover on your list. From

These are just a few samples of what they have to offer. Don't worry ALTL, I'll be flooding your work email inbox with these all day!

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