Wednesday, February 13, 2008

save us with your hair!

This would never happen if Trashanova was running the trash pick up in uptown!!

Garbage truck slams into Uptown home

Then again, other drivers might slam into houses when beholding the luscious brown locks glinting in the sun and those dark, brooding eyes...well, you know.


A Little to the Right said...

Word on those luscious brown locks! I might "accidentally" slam into SDT!

Brad V said...

i was surprised to see him as one of the celebrity float riders - must've been in Bacchus? it was funny trying to explain who he was to bewildered people in the crowd around me

A Little to the Left said...

Yeah, he was in Orpheus Monday night. ALTR and I were explaining who he was to some of her out of town friends. I don't think they quite got it.

However, Orpheus also included "the guys from Real World Sydney."