Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yep, we definitely live in New Orleans

DISCLAIMER: I am a conservative, and therefore do not endorse any of the behavior of the friend described below.

A good friend of ALTR's has been hooking up with an older, recently-divorced gentleman. But the problem is, my friend is slightly skeptical of making things serious (as in he would attend functions with her and have to meet our group of young & immature friends), which works out well for her because there are days, sometimes weeks at a time where my friend doesn't hear from him. But apparently the hooking up has been quite *hot* of late.

Due to a rather hectic trial schedule at work, I am exhausted after work and have been going to bed quite early (i.e. 9 pm last night). This morning I woke up to 7 missed calls from the said friend and a text message:

"I just saw [name of older gentleman] walking down Magazine holding hands with a dude."
All I could write back to that this morning was "OMG" and confirmed a meeting that we have together tonight. There are just too many questions that come to mind that I want to ask that they simply cannot be texted - they'll have to wait for our meeting tonight.

But even with all the unanswered questions, we do live in New Orleans. But Magazine Street? That's like the most obvious place to see and be seen in the Uptown area, where my friend and the older gentleman both reside. At least ALTL goes to less obvious places to express her love with her secret girlfriend.

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