Saturday, May 17, 2008

so much drama in the CLMC

For awhile there, all the buzz on the craigslist missed connections was about the hot guy with the nice eyes that scooped gelato at Sucre. It sent the community into frenzy, causing e-fights over this specimen of man.

Then there was the infamous Verti Marte delivery boy. His infamy grew to such levels that you could read about him at

Well, NEWSFLASH, New Orleans: There is a guy who works at Sucre who sticks his dick in the gelato. When the lights go out his dick comes out. Oh, and dude is apparently likened to a robot. I guess there is no change of facial expression when he slaps his dick into the cold gelato? I mean, I can't speak from personal experience or anything.

Or is it all just a late night plot by a drunken La Divina loyalist?!

UPDATE: Two of the three posts have been removed. CL users have no sense of humor anymore. :(

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Leigh C. said...

Huh. Wonder if one of the Verti Mart delivery guys was the one interviewed by Nick Spitzer on "American Routes" a while back...