Tuesday, May 20, 2008

learn by example, buddy

There was a nice little article/post on nola.com talking about a little old lady on Sixth Street cleaning up graffiti on the Sixth Street wall of Lafayette Cemetery. I drive up this street every day and constantly see this lady cleaning up trash near the cemetery or simply sweeping out the gutters. I think it is fantastic that she and her neighbors take it upon themselves to make sure the area is kept up and appears nice.

Neill often walks her dog around the neighborhood and said she'll come out to cover graffiti when she sees it. She knows about Fred Radtke, a graffiti artist of sorts who lives in New Orleans and makes his trade mark gray paint squares to cover graffiti in the city.

"Oh yeah, I have his number," Neill said, "But we don't want big gray squares," which is why she and some of her neighbhors opt to cover graffiti on their own.

And we all know the Grey Ghost knows no boundaries when it comes to leaving his own trademark...

From Dirty Coast:

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jeffrey said...

I like that the Nola.com post opted to describe Radtke as "a graffiti artist of sorts"