Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Over at Hornets Hype they’re all pumped about “GOLD OUT” in the New Orleans Arena tonight. I think that, instead, the Hornets should provide everyone with shark masks. You see, Tim Duncan was on the road to being an Olympic swimmer when Hurricane Hugo (hmm…) wiped out the pool in his home of the Virgin Islands. He started training in the ocean, but, low and behold, "he soon lost enthusiasm due to his fear of sharks."

Wouldn’t it be funny if everytime Tim Duncan went for a free throw there was a sea of shark faces screaming at him? Or everytime he ran down the court? While the Peja masks were fantastic, I say shark masks are the way to go.

Going to the game? Well, you can print out your own shark mask with little assembly or you can take on a DIY project and make a shark mask (this is brilliant, by the way). For the non-conformists, you can go the route of the tribal shark mask from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

If nothing else, someone please hold up a “What’s your WoW handle, Tim?” sign. I am bummed I can’t make it to the game tonight (I have posted little of my Hornets adventures), but enamored with the fact that Tim Duncan plays World of Warcraft. This information is second or third hand from a Game Stop in San Antonio, and the only evidence I can find at the present to back it up is some kid on the internet. However, I can confirm that Yao Ming gets owned in World of Warcraft.

Go Hornets! In the meantime, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping some balla seats fall in my lap.

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A Little to the Right said...

I was crafting a shark mask at my desk and then the boss walked in.

Thanks A LOT!!