Thursday, May 22, 2008

Guns or....gas?

Some of my associates and friends are surprised when I tell them I watch CNN religiously every morning as I'm getting dressed, as opposed to Fox News. Frankly, I choose CNN over Fox News because I find the Fox format aggravating/annoying and have a thing for CNN weather hottie Rob Marciano. While I am cautious at times of some of the "news" at CNN (*cough* Anderson Cooper), I generally don't find it biased. But this morning, I felt the angry white conservative in me come out a little bit.

CNN ran this story, borrowed from KMBC in Kansas City, on their morning news about a Missouri car dealer who is doing a promotion: buy one of his cars, and get a few months-worth of gas or a hand gun. After the segment, Tony Harris, pretty much my least favorite of everyone on CNN after Anderson Cooper, raised his eyebrows at the teleprompter for a drawn-out few seconds, clearly disgusted.

I'm not a gun fanatic by any means, but I do believe in the 2nd amendment. If people have a problem with this promotion, they shouldn't buy a car from this guy. Or run a segment about the promotion.

[h/t CNN]

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