Thursday, May 22, 2008

Grey Ghost Rising?

Mr. Dingler had his day in court today. According to 50smod in the comments of this article the Grey Ghost prevailed. I can't wait to hear the details on this one.

UPDATE: I'm a little confused. Humid City and Leo (of the Antigravity variety) on livejournal state that NOLA Rising prevailed. I interpretted the NOLA Rising blog as a predictor of how his day would go in court. What is going on? 50smod also created a post in the forums.

UPDATE 2: 50smod says: I apologize if my info was wrong concerning the lawsuit. I was told by, by the owner of the gallery where the painting parties are held, that Radtke had won the lawsuit, and Michael Dingler had gotten away with oly a 200.00 fine, and that is why Radtke had stormed out. If I was wrong, I apologize, and it is a great day in the art world of New Orleans. I do hope i was wrong.

UPDATE 3: Man escapes $50,000 in fines for posting signs in N.O. - but he still has to pay $200 and is on probation for 60 days. So I'd say that is greater than a loss. Fuck you Radtke! Congrats, Dingler!

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George "Loki" Williams said...

Talked to Michael earlier, he did indeed get off with only a $200 fine and 6 months, you are spot on there.

He should have details up on by tomorrow from what he said.

Wow, municipal court doing something right. Nice to hear something positive about our legal system for a change!