Thursday, May 22, 2008

John McCain: PBJ, What R U up 2 this weekend?

When you get invited to a BBQ at the McCain ranch over Memorial Day weekend, what would you expect to do? I'd want to hang out with his daughter Meghan - we could ride horses and talk about blogging & politics.

But if you're Florida Govenor Charlie Crist, our Governor Jindal, or Mitt Romney, people are going to expect you're plotting politics. VP politics, specifically. And they'll probably have a poolside cannonball/belly flop contest too.

If you can't tell, the idea of politicians hanging out together has always amused me. One must wonder, how do these guys actually get invited to something like this? [Obviously, it's something like "my people call your people."] But it's much more fun to imagine that McCain created an Evite or Facebook invitation: "John McCain has invited you to a Memorial Day BBQ Bash..." Or, it's also fun to imagine this as something like a fraternity rush party. Also, since it's very exclusive, I would imagine that such an invite would come with a disclaimer such as: "Don't tell Rick Perry or Mike Huckabee about this - they weren't invited and I don't want to hurt their feelings."

Sadly, I was not invited to the super-exclusive McCain Memorial Day festivities. However, ALTL and I will be road-tripping to Houston where we will do some real shopping and take in a baseball game in attempt to cure our Hornets-heartbreak. We'll probably be drunk 95% of the time - and that's way more fun than some stiff Republican rush party.

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A Little to the Left said...

I'm here for the gang bang.