Friday, May 16, 2008

my bad.

Sorry guys, the Hornets losing last night was clearly my fault because, you know, I said no to drugs. You're not the only one peeved at me:

MG: how did you not do your part for game last night!?!?!?!
ALTL: I was at the bulldog...getting drunk
MG: I would have picked you up and fixed that for half time!!!

What's a girl to do?

Or, you guys could blame this guy:

Far from being his lucky charm, Eva Longoria proved a bad omen for her basketball husband Tony Parker during his latest game.

The San Antonio Spurs star missed two free throws during a crucial play-off game on Tuesday after fans of his rival team held up a life-sized cardboard cut-out of the actress in the stands.

The player was seemingly put off his game by the sight of the placard, which showed his wife in posing seductively while wearing a the opposition's jersey.

The mischievous fan was promptly whisked away by security but apparently sealed the team's fate - the New Orleans Hornets beat Parker's side 101-79 to take 3-2 series lead in the NBA Championship.

I bet HE wasn't at the game last night!! Now if only we can fill Monday night's game with life-size Eva Longoria cut outs and shark masks!! ALTR and I will be in attendance, maybe we can hand them out at the pre-party.

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