Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hopeful Green Wave football fans...

Toledo takes Tulane in a new direction

Since it was announced in December of '06 that Bob Toledo would be taking over the Tulane football program, eager and anxious Tulane football fans (yes, some do exist) have been abuzz about the prospects of the next season. Interest seems to have grown, as ticket sales have been seeing numbers they haven't in quite some time. The Toledo name itself has allegedly brought back 20 - 25% of previous season ticket holders.

I'm a skeptic. Tulane football has always been a running joke, this coming from a former student. You only went to the games to tailgate, and if you were lucky you went in at half time. Toledo is trying to appear to a younger demographic, I'm assuming the students. The only way he's gonna get them in the stands is by producing a team that wins. Let's hope he can live up to that, everyone is expecting him to.

Kick off has also been moved from 1 PM to 6 PM because

"People in New Orleans like to come out in the evening. They realized the need to start a little bit later because people get started here a little bit later," said Parenti, who previously worked for the Hornets and is in her first year at Tulane.

Well, we see how well the job with the Hornets worked out for her. Is the 6 PM start time really to appeal to the younger demographic they are trying to hook, or the older folks of New Orleans that are rekindling their interest? When ALTL attended Tulane, there wasn't a chance in hell she'd skip her pre-debaucherous Saturday evening activities to travel out to the Superdome. Hell, Tulane can't even get students to fill the stands at Fogelman by throwing free food at them. Maybe it will be Toledo's rendition of the fireside chat - a weekly radio show beginning Sept. 5 at 7 PM over at Bruno's that will reel them in.

I'm not going to pretend to know much about the Tulane football program. I was all for eliminating it after the storm, as it always seemed like such a waste of time, energy, and money. And I don't want to encourage the apathetic nature of the Tulane student body. We know they can rally around a team, as seen by the overwhelming support for the 2005 Green Wave baseball team as they headed to Omaha for the World Series. BUT...I'm a skeptic. Good luck, Toledo.

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