Monday, August 20, 2007

Out with Jefferson and in with...Nagin?

The buzz is growing louder about the possibility of Ray Ray running for Congressman Jefferson's seat if/when WJJ gets the boot or is forced to step down. But where is the media on this? I tried to dig around a little bit, and came up with a blurb from the June 6 City Business, which is largely on the Mayor's potential run for governor. Then of course, there are those who said Nagin could run for Congress as a fallback if he lost the mayoral election.

I don't know who a good replacement for WJJ would be, I never really liked any of his opposition last go round. I can't imagine anyone taking Nagin seriously in Congress with the reputation he has. Chocolate City is still laughable. Of course, Jefferson was reelected even after the frozen money incident, but, in ALTL's opinion, he was more useful in DC than any of the other candidates could have been. Nagin? No way.

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