Saturday, August 25, 2007

top o' the mornin'

Since everyone else is at the Rising Tide 2 event...

  • OMG, Bush is coming again! He might as well just fly over to "examine recovery efforts." I'm not cynical. [WWL]
  • No, really, he's dead. The Queen of Media stands by his story. Castro is donezo. [PerezHilton]
  • The Hornets, after returning to New Orleans, are having a hard time filling seats. I like basketball, I really do, but Hornets games are so lame. The atmosphere sucks. [WWL]
  • Carnaval Latino is this weekend. But how are they ever going to share their culture if they charge an entrance fee?
  • Not going to any of the above? Try a Naked Party at the Lush Store on Decatur. Festivities kick off at 1 PM, no RSVP required. [Lush USA]
  • HRC speaks the truth about Republicans, people hate her more. [YahooNews, CNN]
  • Divers find a lost world off the coast of Japan. [CNN]

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