Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh how many assless chaps will be seen...

The Head Pelican girls will both be in the Lone Star State this Labor Day weekend. Not that either of us (yes that's right, the Republican too) have anything against the thousands of Lonnies who will descend upon the Crescent City this weekend.

This is an event this hag is sad to miss, but family business calls back at the mothership for ALTR. The Head Pelican girls will be soaking up some sun on the famous Texas cancer beaches and shopping at the Galleria. Also perhaps trying a pub crawl in Houston - sadly ALTR has been to all of 3 bars in H-town since turning 21 not all that long ago. And 2 of them were gay bars. ALTR suspects the Houston gay bars will be all but empty this weekend. Happy Decadence!!

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