Friday, August 31, 2007

Anyone who calls in sick to your office this AM has a Decadence hangover, there is no other explanation...

Since Southern Decadence will likely cause alot of "de-briefing" this weekend, here's a morning briefing:

● Where there's smoke, there's fire. At least this anti-HRC Republican hopes anyway. Some Asian-Americans are angry at the GOP for commenting on the fundraising Clinton scandal. [Politico]

● The NAACP challenges Secretary of State Jay Dardenne's voter purge. Only in Louisiana can dead people and Texans vote. That is, if the NAACP gets its way.[International Herald Tribune]

● It's Turd Blossom's last day in the White House. [WAFB]

● Oh, the irony. McCain qualifies for FEC welfare, interpreted by some as a desperate move. Ironically, this is of the same sort of election reform the senator pushed in the early years of the Bush administration. ALTR really hopes the man has some tricks up his sleeve...[Also from Politico]

● The Larry Craig interrogation tapes are ready for your consumption in a porno-frenzy we haven't seen since the Starr Report. Yes, you liberal sicko, I have a link for you: hear it at TSG. CNN played some of the tape's "greatest hits" over and over again this morning much to ALTR's chagrin during my morning primp session. Larry Craig might not be gay, but his boyfriend is. [MoJo]

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