Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Are you retarded and unemployed?

Your next job could be awaiting you at Orleans Parish Civil District Court!!

Job description:
- telling different paralegals 5 different amounts for filing the same motion
- taking 2 hour lunch breaks and 5+ smoke breaks a day
- closing at 4:30 even though you're supposed to stay open until 5
- never ever being able to tell me where my FUCKING JUDGE'S ORDER is on a pleading that I filed a month ago!
- connecting callers (i.e. me calling about aforementioned order) to the records room only to have the records room connect the caller back to you then just to telling callers "sorry baby, try back in a week."

1 comment:

dangerblond said...

NO SHIT. Your description is so true. And if you don't send the right amount of fees, your pleading just sits there and no one tells you.