Thursday, September 6, 2007

Saints v. Colts, who?

Everyone is gearing up for the big game tonight. ALTL feels like a loner in her office building in her professional clothes while everyone else is rocking their Saints jerseys and other assorted black and gold. One associate proceeded to type the Who Dat cheer in an e-mail to me. All I can do until the work day is over is play Starship Saints.

In other news...

  • Will Nagin run for governor? While we won't know until the end of the business day, atleast the mayor is "having great fun with this." What a tease, that Ray Ray. No one has seen his shiny head show up at the secretary of state's office yet, but there is still time. Speaking of, John Georges hasn't made his bid for the governor's throne official yet, either. Hmmm... []
  • While Senator Vitter has taken to rebuffing the comments that the calls for Senator Craig's resignation and not his own in a partisan double-standard, he has been featured in a DCC ad attacking the Republican Moral High Ground.
  • More on the Larry Craig nonsense: Politico says Craig should not resign, but force the Senate to expel him. In the meantime, the American Land Rights Association has boycotted the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in their support for Craig.
  • To top it all off, more young girls are killing themselves than ever before. [WWL]

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