Monday, September 10, 2007

'Petraeus Report' will become a reality today

After a long Saturday night out on the Tulane frat-party scene in an attempt to investigate ALTL's Michael Cera rumors, I've recovered from all those Rock Star-vodkas and servings of Pike vat to make to work this AM, in plenty of time to get my Head Pelican on.

Of course, all the blogs and cable news networks will be buzzing about none other than the long awaited Petraeus testimony before Congress today. At last we have reached the day that so many of our favorite pols have been alluding to and the Loser Lobby of leadership will more-likely-than-not ignore completely no matter what the content of the report. As the New York Times reported this weekend, the anti-war movement is now nothing short of a K Street-tapping lobby. There are many very wealthy people in this country who want us to lose the war.

General David Petraeus, the top commander of troops in Iraq, is likely to tell Congress today that while political instability in Iraq has not necessary been aided by the troop surge, there have been considerable military successes as a result of the surge. [WAFB]

My point is that whether Gen. Petraeus testifies that there is nothing but peace and harmony and democracy and equality for all in Iraq or that nothing has changed, the surge was a waste, and Bush should be impeached, the reaction of the anti-war lobbied liberals in Congress will be the same. This testimony means nothing to them. Almost as soon as it was announced that the surge would continue until Petraeus would report to Congress at the end of the summer (today) the Democrats began putting words into the General's mouth all summer long, saying that the surge wasn't working and that the war was lost.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how they all react after Gen. Petraeus reports. My "favorite" reaction, at least in terms of the Senate, will undoubtedly be that of Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) who always has something silly to say.

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