Monday, September 10, 2007

Mid-day fluff report

- National sports commentators are dogging the Saints big time. [Eye On The Saints Blog]

- Arrested for salt, not assault: A suburban Atlanta McDonald's employee was arrested for over salt-and-peppering a "Big N' Tasty" hamburger ordered by a police officer. Clearly, this is ridiculous, but my question is - since when does McDonald's season their burgers? All the prosecution has to do is serve the jury a normal McDonald's hamburger (i.e. tastes just like the cardboard it's served in) and they can send this chick away for quite awhile.[TSG]

- Kentwood's darling Britney Spears bombed it at the VMAs for her much anticipated big comback. People are saying perhaps too much partying is to blame. [MTV] [MegaStar]

It's okay Brit; for most of us, that much partying/drinking is required to be able to dance in that outfit.

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