Thursday, September 20, 2007

I hope you're wearing black today...

...ALTR and many of her coworkers are. I'm frequently seen wearing my little black dress (LBD) at the office, but today I'm sporting the LBD for both fashionable and civil causes.

Today is the day of the march in support of the Jena 6 in La Salle Parish. Something I realized this AM while listening to the news as I got ready for work: the La Salle Parish District Attorney's name is Reed Walters. The St. Tammany Parish DA's name is Walter Reed (this I remember because, thanks to a low-cut shirt and a short skirt, his assistant DA got me downgraded from a sizable speeding ticket to a non-moving violation). Coincidentally, St. Tammany's police department has a history of racial profiling. Definitely a good ole' boy conspiracy.

In other Jena news, C. Ray is in the town joining in on the march. Maybe he can get Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to come down to New Orleans to C Ray's own city to address the crime Nagin can't seem to resolve himself.

Also, I keep hearing people mispronounce the name of the town "Jena." FYI, it's pronounced "JEE-nah" not "Jehn-ah" - it's the town, not the wild Bush twin!

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